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Sydney Mediterranean Restaurant Proves We Are Getting Dumber

A local restaurant in Sydney known as The Mediterranean Sydney has taken action on customer feedback.

While this in itself sounds like a normal action, after all, businesses in general are always encouraged to listen to their customers and take action on their feedback. However it is the feedback itself that is most troublesome.

Want to know what The Mediterranean’s customers have been increasingly complaining about? Here is the proof we are getting dumber.

The spelling of the word Mediterranean is too difficult!…

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The hope of Finding Emanuela Orlandi Dashed After 36 Years of Search

In one evening of the year 1983, Emanuela Orlandi, daughter to a prominent Vatican employee did not return home from a music lesson. She was 15 years at the time and she was never seen again. It has been 36 years as the family tried to find closure to what happened to their teenage daughter. His father, Ercole Orlandi passed on in 2004 without a clue how her loved one could have disappeared mysteriously.

The family lived at the Vatican

During her disappearance, the Emanuela lived at the Vatican with her four siblings and parents.…

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