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Frequent Clashes with Police Continue in Hong Kong

On Saturday, there were rallies across Hong Kong erupting in shopping centers where several people were injured. This led to clashes with the local police. This is the 22nd second week since the protests began which has seen many injured while others are arrested. In Tai Po where there were also running battles, a street barricade was built by protesters while in Tuen Mun and Sha Tin, things were similar.

Knife Attacks

A man who is believed to be pro-China as he chanted pro-Beijing slogans and spoke Mandarin slashed several people with a knife.…

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Sydney Mediterranean Restaurant Proves We Are Getting Dumber

A local restaurant in Sydney known as The Mediterranean Sydney has taken action on customer feedback.

While this in itself sounds like a normal action, after all, businesses in general are always encouraged to listen to their customers and take action on their feedback. However it is the feedback itself that is most troublesome.

Want to know what The Mediterranean’s customers have been increasingly complaining about? Here is the proof we are getting dumber.

The spelling of the word Mediterranean is too difficult!…

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The hope of Finding Emanuela Orlandi Dashed After 36 Years of Search

In one evening of the year 1983, Emanuela Orlandi, daughter to a prominent Vatican employee did not return home from a music lesson. She was 15 years at the time and she was never seen again. It has been 36 years as the family tried to find closure to what happened to their teenage daughter. His father, Ercole Orlandi passed on in 2004 without a clue how her loved one could have disappeared mysteriously.

The family lived at the Vatican

During her disappearance, the Emanuela lived at the Vatican with her four siblings and parents.…

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Two Teens Arrested Amid the Rising Tensions of Lyra Mckees’ Murder

The Easter weekend was a time that Christians across the world were having big celebrations but in the Creggan area of Londonderry, Ireland, there were riots where a prominent journalist was killed. It was quite chaotic when the Irish police tried to prevent militants’ attacks in the area. 

Militants Opposed to Good Friday

The police were aware that there would be riots on the eve of Good Friday as this has been the norm for years. Since the year 1998, Irish nationalist militants have been opposing the Good Friday peace deal. …

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More than 200 Mass Graves Discovered in Iraq

Between the year 2014 and 2017, the Islamic State (ISIS), controlled western and northern Iraq where it imposed strict rules on the residents. Women who showed their skin in public or went outside without a male relative would be electrocuted.


Mass Executions

When the terror group seized parts of western and northern Iraq, it killed mercilessly. It is estimated that more than 30,000 civilians were executed. Ethnic and religious minorities such as Yazidis and Christians were killed; those that had ties with the government were not spared either.

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How To Avoid Locksmith Scams

Unfortunately, in our modern world, there still exists many scam artists. Recently more and more have been entering the Locksmith industry. It would be great if they were all as trustworthy as Sydney’s Fusion Locksmiths (, who boast over 200 5-star reviews. But they are not all up to this level.

In this article, we will provide 4 simple tips you can use to ensure you don’t wind up the victim of a locksmith scam. Do your research and instead, you will hopefully find a real a-star provider.

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The World’s Largest Mass Child Sacrifice Site

We have heard of weird things happening in the world today but it seems that this did not just start. We have heard of mass graves and now there is the largest mass child sacrifice site that was recently discovered in Peru. Researchers have been excavating a site located in Trujillo where they uncovered getting child skeletons.


Practicing of Human Sacrifice

The ancient cultures in Peru are known to have practiced human sacrifice and most of the victims were kids probably because it is the most important thing that a parent can own.

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The use of new types of drinkers can reduce the volume of purines

The farms of the pig sector in Catalonia that have modified their feeding systems and have begun to use new types of drinking fountains have achieved reductions of up to 50% in the volume generated of the slurry.

In the course of the four years that the Life + Futuro Agrario project has lasted, close to 100 technical conferences have been organized, with the assistance of 6,500 farmers, breeders, technical advisors, students, etc. who have known first hand the most effective tools to improve the management of livestock droppings.

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Nature fights back: How to prepare yourself when bad weather hits

We’re all witnesses of more frequent natural disasters recently. And that’s why we decided to write an article about protection when bad weather hits.

As we may notice, nature is finally starting to fight humanity back. And as disturbing as it sounds, she has the right. However, not all are guilty of her anger.

For those who feel like they aren’t guilty and want to protect themselves when bad weather hits, keep reading. We will teach you a few tips on how to protect yourself from natural disasters.…

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Is it better to enroll your kid in a daycare school?

Normally it’s tough to arrive at a decision concerning your kid’s study and wellbeing. Grasping what your choices are and additionally understanding which your cherished one decision implies you are moving through proper path picking the best care schedule for him. If choosing a nurse is not a viable choice for you, think gathering knowledge about daycare schools. If you believe in yourself being a workaholic also you consume a maximum of your time at the job, daycare schools can look after of your baby without you owning to be continually stressed and suffered.…

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