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How much damage has hurricane Irma caused Florida?

For starters to understand how much damage Irma has caused we need analyze the hurricane and compare to the ones that have come before.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have detected sustained winds of 185 mph, currently, the hurricane is classified as a category 5 tropical hurricane with a wind speed that is currently 10 mph greater than hurricane Katrina at its peak.

Dumping 15.19 inches in Miami and the key west, and according to meteorologist’s recordings similar numbers in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.…

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Here is why intelligent people have poor social skills, according to study

High intelligence is considered a privilege. This is true in almost every part of this world. People who are intelligent tend to be respected by others. This is because they play a vital role in the progress of humankind. Throughout history, they have contributed to the world in many fields. It may seem that these geniuses have everything figured out. Well, the answer is no. Many of them lack the social skills others take for granted. Studies have found that socially anxious people are actually more intelligent.…

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