Frequent Clashes with Police Continue in Hong Kong

On Saturday, there were rallies across Hong Kong erupting in shopping centers where several people were injured. This led to clashes with the local police. This is the 22nd second week since the protests began which has seen many injured while others are arrested. In Tai Po where there were also running battles, a street barricade was built by protesters while in Tuen Mun and Sha Tin, things were similar.

Knife Attacks

A man who is believed to be pro-China as he chanted pro-Beijing slogans and spoke Mandarin slashed several people with a knife. He also said that China owned Hong Kong. The man who was later beaten by a crowd slashed people and bit off a local pro-democracy councilor’s ear. The victim was identified as Andrew Chiu.

Pro-Democracy Protests

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong are not backing down as they see this renowned city as pro-china. During the vandalism, the key symbol of Chinese sovereignty in the city with graffiti. They want to erase their relations with china completely. The locals believe that since the year 1997, the Chinese have been meddling with their lives and operations. 

Xinhua News Agency Vandalized

Xinhua News Agency which is China’s official was not spared during vandalism. Security systems were vandalized, windows and doors broken. Paint bombs and fire were thrown to the offices in an effort to turn everything into ashes. A restaurant in a mall was also vandalized during the protests. 

Overnight Protests

The Saturday protests spread to other territories including Kowloon. This has given the authorities a hard time dealing with the agitated local residents. The police have been using rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters but this seems to be working temporarily. 

Locals not Happy

Despite the protests going on, locals are not happy with how the authorities have handled the issue. They say that what started out as peaceful protests have turned into a bloody one. They say police harass them, pushing them around and beating innocent locals. They want a probe on police brutality.

China’s People’s Liberation Army has taken no Action

Although the People’s Liberation Army of China has not taken any action for the 5 months that the protests have been going on, it says that it will not tolerate the violence. It is not yet clear what they will do to put a stop to this.

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