Here is why intelligent people have poor social skills, according to study

High intelligence is considered a privilege. This is true in almost every part of this world. People who are intelligent tend to be respected by others. This is because they play a vital role in the progress of humankind. Throughout history, they have contributed to the world in many fields. It may seem that these geniuses have everything figured out. Well, the answer is no. Many of them lack the social skills others take for granted. Studies have found that socially anxious people are actually more intelligent.

Intelligence and social skills don’t really go hand in hand. You may have realized this about someone you know. This may even be true about your own self. An intelligent person may thrive when it comes to logical reasoning. They are also great for specialized tasks. However, a simple act such as engaging in small talk becomes difficult for them. It may even put them in a tight spot. This is why it happens!

They overthink and over-analyze every situation

Intelligent people do not usually engage in casual conversations. They tend to think deeply about their responses. Therefore, their answers are well thought out and complex. Expressing their ideas make them seem awkward to others.

Self-awareness leads to less confidence

Confidence is the key element in social interaction. In fact, the lack of it is what creates most of the problems. Highly intelligent people are almost entirely unbiased. This is especially true when analyzing them. For this reason, they are more self-aware and often doubt themselves. During social interactions, they find it difficult to loosen up and express themselves confidently.

They learn from their mistakes which makes them more cautious

This is one of the many standout features of intelligent people. Highly intelligent people are willing to learn from past failures. When facing a new situation they tend to reflect on those experiences.

They use this to change their behavior accordingly. This tends to have a negative impact in terms of social interaction. The more failures they have faced in those situations, higher are the chances of them avoiding such situations in the future.

Small talk is not for geniuses

People engage in casual conversation. This is a common sight in normal social gatherings. It seems natural to many people. But, this may not be the case for the group of people we are talking about. A person who is highly intelligent would not be willing to engage in meaningless conversation. Therefore, small talk is considered a big challenge.

But what if the conversation interests them?

As mentioned, intelligent people don’t find it interesting to talk about ordinary things.  But, they aren’t silent when talking about a topic they like.

They actively engage in that conversation. They may even take control of the conversation. This might make the others in the group feel annoyed or even angry.

They may constantly get into debates

People may express ideas without giving it much thought. Intelligent people do not appreciate that. They know the importance of ideas. They also value the impact good ideas have on the community. But this will lead to them having many conflicts. It may even result in harming their relationships with others.

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