How To Avoid Locksmith Scams

Unfortunately, in our modern world, there still exists many scam artists. Recently more and more have been entering the Locksmith industry. It would be great if they were all as trustworthy as Sydney’s Fusion Locksmiths (, who boast over 200 5-star reviews. But they are not all up to this level.

In this article, we will provide 4 simple tips you can use to ensure you don’t wind up the victim of a locksmith scam. Do your research and instead, you will hopefully find a real a-star provider.

Tip 1: Ask Charges/ Fees Upfront

Like most services, getting a quotation upfront is key and mandatory. Many locksmiths have a tendency of not including all fees in the quotation and end up charging you more than what was agreed upon. And when you confront them regarding the increased charges, they always come up with unbelievable excuses. Some would even make outrageous claims like they were not totally briefed on the nature of the job.

To avoid unnecessary inconveniences and headaches, kindly explain in detail your issue to the locksmith. And any locksmith who’s unwilling to quote a fee for you should be scrapped immediately. If you’re requested to pay for the locksmith’s transportation and they didn’t mention it anywhere, don’t pay.

Tip 2: Always pay with a credit card

With the current trends in the market, if any locksmith asks or demands to be paid cash then treat this as a scam. Avoid paying before the job is done. And pay when you’re satisfied with their services. Why should you pay for a shoddy job? If possible, never pay cash.

Request for an official invoice and receipt after payment. Don’t forget to check if the invoice and receipt are genuine.

Tip 3: Deal with reputable locksmith companies

Most locksmith companies advertise their work on social media platforms or print media. Don’t rush to hire these companies simply because you saw them on a television advert. Do a thorough research to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the company. Check their online reviews and also visit their website to confirm their physical location, office contacts, and portfolio.

If the company is within your vicinity, pay them a visit and observe their business operations. You can tell a lot about a company by simply observing how the employees are carrying out their roles and responsibilities. If the company is a bit far, kindly contact their head office and the recipient should answer with the company name and not the cliché “locksmith services”. Always ask for a company profile when making an inquiry as this will aid in making a sound decision.

Tip 4: Check licenses and company tag when they arrive

Most, if not all, organizations (locksmith companies included) provide their employees with job identifications/I.D or tags. Before the locksmiths get down to work, always ask for their license as well as company identification. For your own safety, always cross check with the company names and job number of the experts deployed to you.

To avoid falling victim to unscrupulous locksmiths, always do your research well. If you need any clarifications, ask for it. If you have any concerns, address them. Don’t keep quiet if something doesn’t feel right. And always confirm from the company how many people they will be sending, the arrival time and most importantly their license & job I.D numbers.

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