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Focusing on creating pathways to leadership in the professional community as well as in the association, the Lift Up Leaders Mentorship Program connects dota2菠菜外围网 members from all stages of the practice of law.

The Federal Bar Association’s mission is ‘Serving the Federal Legal Community.” That mission compels the dota2菠菜外围网 to offer this innovative resource to combine education and coaching while fostering new relationships across the dota2菠菜外围网’s national legal community. The dota2菠菜外围网 recognizes that education and mentorship reinforces one another. Accordingly, the program objectives are to offer a space for a vibrant discussion between law students, newer practitioners or lawyers seeking a career transition with seasoned professionals while cultivating a pipeline for diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders to continue to advance the association’s commitment to become a diverse and inclusive association.

Givingdota2菠菜外围网 members avenues for peer support and professional development resources is another way the dota2菠菜外围网 serves the federal legal community.

Volunteer mentors and mentees will complete a profile on the dota2菠菜外围网 “Lift Up Leaders” mentorship portal. Based upon the profiles, the system will display the best possible mentor matches and the mentees will make a selection and extend an invitation to a mentor. Participating mentees may choose mentors based on professional goals, specific topical interests, experiences, location/chapter, or leadership roles. The program allows for the mentorship pair to build a mutually beneficial and positive relationship.

The program is designed for a six-month relationship. Opportunities to enroll and match will be between October 26, 2022 and November 28, 2022. Mentors/Mentees are expected to schedule regular meetings convenient for their schedules for at least a six-month period to ensure the program adds value to each mentor/mentee relationship. The dota2菠菜外围网 will provide webinars and resources to stimulate conversations.

Who Should Become a Mentor?

  • Seasoned Attorneys
  • Public Sector and Private Practice Attorneys
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • dota2菠菜外围网 Leaders

What Do Mentors gain after a successful mentoring relationship?

  • Renewed enthusiasm for the profession
  • A greater understanding of the barriers rising professionals and law students face
  • Increased personal growth and satisfaction
  • Enhanced skills in coaching, counseling, listening, and leadership
  • Development/practice of a personal style of leadership
  • Improved professional identity
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Opportunity to give back to the dota2菠菜外围网

Who Should Become a Mentee?

  • Law Students
  • Newly Admitted Attorneys
  • Attorneys in Career Transition or Relocating
  • Members Interested in dota2菠菜外围网 Leadership

What Do Mentees gain after a successful mentoring relationship?

  • Smoother transition into the workforce
  • Access to leadership opportunities
  • Improved professional identity
  • Support from someone in your area of practice who can make introductions, provide information, and serve as a resource
  • Career development opportunities
  • New perspectives and knowledge about new areas of the law
  • Expanded career network
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Improved performance
  • Organizational recognition
  • Connection to the dota2菠菜外围网 on a larger scale
  • Interactions with practitioners
  • A potential reference
  • Understanding of how to benefit your career through the dota2菠菜外围网

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