The Federal Bar Association Welcomes All Law Students!

Law Student Associate Membership is FREE to all new applicants. This membership includes up to three years of associate membership while enrolled in law school as well as free first year of membership as a professional member upon graduation. Apply for your free membership here.

The Federal Bar Association wants to help ensure that you have a successful career practicing law! The dota2菠菜外围网 has nearly 100 professional chapters across the United States tasked with building partnerships with their local law schools, and will work with affiliated law school student chapters to create opportunities that cater specifically to law students considering federal practice.

Why dota2菠菜外围网?Thedota2菠菜外围网 is your home for comprehensive information on the federal judiciary and federal practitioners, to help you start building your professional network, and for access to resources to help your career through graduation and beyond.

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Benefits of Membership

Joining the dota2菠菜外围网 entitles you to membership within the national organization as well as within your local dota2菠菜外围网 chapter. Members receive a host of special benefits designed to uphold the mission of the dota2菠菜外围网 and support each member’s career within the federal legal system. Association activities and member benefits are organized into five primary categories.

You’re in Good Company


The organization’s headquarters are located outside of Washington, D.C., in Arlington, Va., giving it the proximity necessary to remain engaged on behalf of its members.

  • Government relations efforts as defined by the dota2菠菜外围网 Issues Agenda
  • Annual Capitol Hill Day
  • Monthly updates on recent government relations developments

Publications and Communication

As part of your membership, you will receive and have access to:

  • dota2菠菜外围网 website (
  • The Federal Lawyer magazine
  • Bi-monthly eNewsletter
  • Section, division, and chapter newsletters
  • Judicial Profile Index (archived)

Networking and Leadership

Thedota2菠菜外围网 is large enough to have an impact on the federal legal profession, but small enough to provide opportunities for networking and leadership. The dota2菠菜外围网 is governed by a 15-member, elected, Board of Directors and numerous volunteer members.

  • More than 95 chapters across all federal circuits
  • 24 practice area sections
  • Six career divisions
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities within each chapter, section, and division

Legal Career Center

The Legal Career Center is an online resource for both employers looking to hire and job seekers looking for a position within the federal legal community. Employers have the option of posting jobs available to the dota2菠菜外围网 Legal Career Center only, or to the Legal Job Exchange Network that reaches thousands of potential candidates through the network of partner job boards. Job seekers have free access and can use the Legal Career Center to post resumes, search for jobs, and prepare for interviews, as they launch their careers.


Thedota2菠菜外围网 offers more than 700 credit hours of continuing legal education (CLE) at both the national and local level throughout the year.

  • National CLE conferences
  • Bi-monthly CLE webinars
  • Local chapter-sponsored CLE events

Member-Only Advantages

  • Member Plus affinity program
  • Online membership directory
  • Optional public directory listing
  • Discounted rates for CLE, networking events, publications, and other services

Membership Benefits Flyer

Dues rates:

  • First year law student… $50 FREE!
  • Second year law student…$30FREE!
  • Third year law student… $20FREE!
  • One-year of Professional membership after graduation… $115 FREE upon submitting bar admission information
  • If you are enrolled in a non-traditional law school program, you are still welcome to join the dota2菠菜外围网 for free! Please contact to get started (include name of law school, law degree pursuing, and expected graduation date).

Student memberships expire on September 30th of the year of graduation as indicated on the join applicationclick here to JOIN TODAY (for FREE!). Once you become a professional dota2菠菜外围网 member, you may then join the Younger Lawyers Division.

Questions? Send an email to and we’ll be glad to help.