Sydney Mediterranean Restaurant Proves We Are Getting Dumber

A local restaurant in Sydney known as The Mediterranean Sydney has taken action on customer feedback.

While this in itself sounds like a normal action, after all, businesses in general are always encouraged to listen to their customers and take action on their feedback. However it is the feedback itself that is most troublesome.

Want to know what The Mediterranean’s customers have been increasingly complaining about? Here is the proof we are getting dumber.

The spelling of the word Mediterranean is too difficult!

Yep, even in the world of spell check and Google auto complete, customers continuously complain that they can’t spell this word.

In the customers defence this word is 13 letters long. Also the beautiful Mediterranean Sea is on the other side of the world compared to Sydney, Australia. So I am sure those from Europe would not be complaining about this difficult word to spell, right? Wrong!

Even people from the United Kingdom and yep, Europe have stated it was challenging to look up this restaurant in Sydney whilst in the land of Oz.

So what have the owners of The Mediterranean Sydney done to overcome this customer feedback? They have made the bold move of renaming themselves to The Med Sydney. Yep this has really happened.

The challenge is that many of the previous customers and raving fans of this place can actually spell the original name correctly. So this leaves this Sydney restaurant in a sort of dual name situation.

On the one hand they want to appeal to the younger generation who shorten everything often down to a single letter to make it easier to type in a text message. For example “c u l8r”.

But on the other hand they still want to ensure they are being found by their older, more established clientele who know that The Mediterranean is also a beautiful holiday destination. And we all know that name is not going to be changed because people complain about the spelling.. Well we certainly hope not!

Regardless what happens in the distant future, the facts are getting clearer. While we can all make predictions we wont know what will happen until we actually get there. The truth is this Sydney restaurant is proving the fact that as a society we are actually getting dumber.

For businesses, the question is “how do you adapt?”. For The Mediterranean Sydney, they have renamed themselves to The Med Sydney.

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