The hope of Finding Emanuela Orlandi Dashed After 36 Years of Search

In one evening of the year 1983, Emanuela Orlandi, daughter to a prominent Vatican employee did not return home from a music lesson. She was 15 years at the time and she was never seen again. It has been 36 years as the family tried to find closure to what happened to their teenage daughter. His father, Ercole Orlandi passed on in 2004 without a clue how her loved one could have disappeared mysteriously.

The family lived at the Vatican

During her disappearance, the Emanuela lived at the Vatican with her four siblings and parents. She would attend flute lessons thrice a week but on June 22, 1983, she never returned home from the Sant’Apollinare basilica. The sister said she had called about a job she had found but she was to talk with the parents about it.

Theories About Her Whereabouts

As the search started, there were many theories about where she could have been. One caller said that Emanuela confessed to him that he had run away from her home. She changed her name and shaved her hair to conceal identity. On another call, the caller claimed that she was abducted by a terrorist group and she would not be released until a Turkish man named Mehmet Ali Agca, responsible for shooting the Pope in 1981 was released. Another theory stated that a Vatican police kidnapped her for parties and she was later murdered.

Empty Hopes

As the search continues 36 years on, Pietro Orlandi, his brother hoped they would find closure. The results were something he never expected. Two tombs at the Vatican were exhumed but they ended up being empty. This is another mystery as the tombs are supposed to contain the remains of Princess Sophie Von Hohenlohe and Princess Carlotta Federica di Mecklenburg.

An Anonymous Letter Gave False Hopes

For the exhumations to be conducted at the Teutonic cemetery within the walls of the holy city, it is after the family received an anonymous letter. The letter indicated that the family should shift focus to the tomb as this is where she was resting. They should actually exhume the graves where a statue of an angel is pointing. A dozen workers were involved during the operation that yielded nothing but more mysteries.

Investigations will continue until the family finds closure and this is what the entire family and her mother hopes. The Vatican has a new mystery to unravel, that of why the two graves were empty.

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