Two Teens Arrested Amid the Rising Tensions of Lyra Mckees’ Murder

The Easter weekend was a time that Christians across the world were having big celebrations but in the Creggan area of Londonderry, Ireland, there were riots where a prominent journalist was killed. It was quite chaotic when the Irish police tried to prevent militants’ attacks in the area. 

Militants Opposed to Good Friday

The police were aware that there would be riots on the eve of Good Friday as this has been the norm for years. Since the year 1998, Irish nationalist militants have been opposing the Good Friday peace deal. 

The Killing of Lyra Mckee

As the night went by, it got chaotic. There were injuries, the killing of McKee, two cars were set ablaze and more than 50 petrol bombs were pelted around. Lyra McKee, a prominent journalist born in Belfast was in Derry during the riots. She was standing next to a police car where she was tweeting from about the riots. A gunman who police say was firing to a residential area shot her and she shortly succumbed to the injuries. 

A Prominent Journalist and an Inspiring

McKee was an LGBT activist, a journalist and an inspiring thinker who is known for her great works. At the age of 25, she became popular after her ‘Letter to my 14-year-old self’, an outstanding blog post. She has been a writer for various publications such as the Atlantic, the Independent newspaper and BuzzFeed News and others in her country. In the year 2016, Forbes Magazine listed her in the 30 under 30 in media while Sky News had awarded her as the Young Journalist of the Year 2006. 

Two Arrests

According to the authorities, the perpetrators were two teenage men who have already been arrested. The two aged 18 and am 19 are believed to be dissident republicans and are in police custody as the investigations continue. 

Her Friends Protest

McKee’s friends were frustrated, angered and saddened by the events of losing their friend. They demonstrated to the headquarters of Saoradh, a political party that speaks for IRA (the Irish Republican Army). They smeared the walls of the building with blood-red paint. While one of her friends rejected the apology given to the family, the other refuted the claims that the shooting was accidental.

Vigils were held in various parts of the country. Mckee was laid to rest early this in a funeral that was attended by different politicians, relatives, and friends who urged the government to ensure this is a turning point. 

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